The Need To Be Sober In Real Life

I founded Catalyst Recovery because addiction treatment, especially residential treatment, isn’t built for real life. Let’s get down to basics. Recovery is much like cell service… It needs to work where and when we need it most: home, office, emergency situations, out & about, elevators (kidding) etc. Before we get to the point of this...

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Involuntary Commitment to Drug Treatment

I write this post not as a clinician, but as an individual who has personally experienced this interesting topic in my own life from both ends of the personal/professional spectrum. I came across this article and it brought up some interesting thoughts within myself. I know for a fact that others face the same question(s)...

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Eliminate the Middle Man

The field of alcohol and substance abuse treatment can be likened to that of the electric vehicle. The first electric car was built in 1828. Yes, you read that correctly, 1828. The evolution of the EV that has occurred over the almost 200 years since has been a rollercoaster. Gas-powered vehicles have always outsold their...

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