Addiction Quiz

1. Have you ever decided to stop for a period of time, but couldn’t? 

2. Do you wish other people were less concerned about your drinking or substance use and would stop mentioning it? 

3. Have you ever thought that if you switched what you’re drinking or using you might have more control? 

4. Do you drink or use first thing in the morning? 

5. Are other people able to control their consumption better than you?

6. Have you had problems associated with drinking substance use?

7. Has using any particular drink or substance caused trouble in your household?

8. Are you concerned with not having enough in social settings? 

9. Have you told yourself, “I can stop whenever I want” and then proceeded to drink or use when you didn’t mean to?

10. Have you missed work or school due to drinking or substance use?

11. Have you ever experienced a “blackout” or memory loss due to drinking or using?

12. Do you feel your life would be better without drinking or using?

13. Have you ever rationalized that drinking or taking a controlled substance would help you perform a task? 

14. Have you ever felt guilty or ashamed by your drinking or using?

15. Has the use of alcohol or substances ever cost you a job or an opportunity?

16. Have you ever felt the need to hide your use of alcohol or mind-altering substances?


If you answered YES to at least four of these questions, there may be an issue. Please call us for a free consultation. 

Remember, the more times you answered ‘Yes’, the higher the likelihood that an honest self-appraisal could benefit you. We’re here to help. Call us anytime to discuss your results and receive a free consultation.