About Us

Catalyst Recovery was founded in 2014 and based in Century City, California. We are a healthcare organization specializing at in-home treatment for substance use and co-occurring psychological disorders.

Created out of an enthusiasm for helping those struggling with alcohol and drug-related issues, we have cultivated a rare ability to influence and motivate many types. Early on our Founder, Richard Blair, began with a vision to establish a more practical method of treatment. Having observed the low success and high readmission rates of residential treatment, redefining the status quo was a matter of life and death. 

As a sober companion for over 10 years, Richard’s experience led to the belief that basic human connection through peer-to-peer treatment could provide a foundation for reforming the recovery industry and save lives. 

The core belief of Catalyst Recovery is simple: Alcohol and substance abuse thrive in isolation, but can be treated most effectively through connection. 

In 2018, Catalyst Recovery became the first in-home rehabilitation program recognized by the Joint Commission. This incredible feat solidified our founder’s idea that a peer-to-peer method of treatment for many individuals with Substance Use Disorders and other co-occurring psychological disorders could be equally, if not more effective, than inpatient treatment.

The most glaring problem of the treatment industry is that it perpetuates an endless cycle of detox, treatment, sober living, IOP, and relapse. Together with insurance fraud, unlicensed operations, and pharmaceutical kick-backs, people seeking recovery are left facing a bleak future. The Joint Commission on Accreditation for Healthcare Organizations acknowledged Catalyst Recovery’s leadership in a field full of challenges, by recognizing us as the first and only in-home substance use treatment provider.

Alongside our accreditation, our mission has always been to make our services available to more people. We knew this would only be possible if we could accept insurance. That time has finally arrived. We are proud of the tireless effort our team has endured to make this monumental dream a reality. Catalyst Recovery has accomplished a feat that has never been done before – sober companion services covered by insurance.

With all we’ve achieved, the team at Catalyst Recovery remains committed to offering the most current and evidence-based practices to ensure more individuals have the opportunity to recover.