What Does It Mean To Be The #1 Addiction Treatment Company?

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How do we define success in the recovery industry? What does it mean to be the #1 treatment provider? There are as many definitions as there are people. My personal belief is that success can be funneled into two main categories:

  1. Profit Motive
  2. Service Motive

I believe the latter speaks to longevity. I understand that profits keep the doors open and maintain the opportunity to help people, but at what point does that reasoning become an excuse?

Let’s take a look at the recent decision from AAC (American Addiction Centers) to become a publicly traded company. At first glance, it almost seems normal, but let’s look at the main concern: They now have a vested interest in their client’s failure. In essence, if they do a great job, it technically cuts into profits. The term “built-in obsolescence” comes to mind – if you build it to break, you stand to make more money. Somewhere along the way manufacturers realized if they stop building things to live forever, they’d stand to create more business opportunity. Even our society as a whole has adapted and welcomed this new wave of fleeting goods. My $1,000 cell phone will just be an expensive paperweight in a couple of years. This same business practice also exists in the services industries. The majority of mechanics identified that most individuals have no idea what is wrong with their vehicles, nor how to fix them. They therefore can charge as much as they want and only fix it well enough to get the car back on the road.

Now, I can’t say that I think this is acceptable in any field, but my heart sinks when human lives are at stake. I begin to question the empathy of such individuals. It’s one thing to be a shoddy mechanic, it’s a whole other thing when we’re dealing with people.

Substance abuse treatment “success” rates are even lower than Major League Baseball batting averages. It’s no wonder many frown upon the current state of alcohol/substance abuse treatment. There are more people struggling with alcohol and substance abuse issues than any one center/company can accommodate. Many treatment centers have staggering readmission rates. If the goal is self-sustainability and independence from addiction, going public and entering the stock market makes fiscal sense. But, if I were someone looking for help, whether it be for myself personally or a loved one, I would naturally steer clear from anyone associated with a publicly traded company.

Ultimately, if profit is the primary motivator in your business, it’s best to stay out of a field where human lives are at stake…That business can never be a true #1.

Focus needs to be on creating a better, more effective service for the individual. That, to me, is the most impactful benchmark of success. That’s the success we’ve built at Catalyst Recovery. Our goal is to be #1.

Richard Blair – Catalyst Recovery Founder and CEO

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