A Sustainable Reality: Complete In-Home Treatment

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It does not come as news to anyone that the drug epidemic in the United States continues to prove resilient. Sadly, as communities are ravaged by the overdose deaths and tormented families are left to pick up the pieces of their loved one’s destruction, the current structure of today’s residential programs makes it difficult to implement the fundamental aspect of long term recovery; how to integrate recovery oriented active into an active lifestyle. Though not the intent by any means, this is a reality given the structure of an inpatient program.

While I won’t go as far to say that all treatment centers and programs don’t offer amazing tools to assist with achieving the goal of integrating recovery into a lifestyle, there are surprisingly almost no treatment solutions offered that bring those same tools to someone, in their home and already in their active lifestyle. Catalyst Recovery sought to change the way treatment can be received by those struggling with addiction issues while at the same time offer an newly expanded option to increase the effectiveness of integrating recovery oriented activities into an active lifestyle and routine. Though we have not “reinvented to wheel,” we have created an in-home modality of substance abuse treatment that engages individuals, couples and families all from the home environment without ever having to step inside a facility. The participant’s home becomes the “facility” and through our one-to-one peer support coupled with Clinical care from vetted and amazing staff we can bring the core elements of care to the home.

This enhanced approach is ideal for those that don’t need the level of containment that a treatment center offers. Again, not to talk down on treatment programs and the safety they can provide, the containment factor that is inherent with a residential program does act as a double-edged sword. I could go on for pages (which I will do but spread out) with the benefits of this new in-home model by Catalyst, but I will only speak to one major point in this post. Our modality of treatment eliminates the double-edged sword of containment and then exiting a treatment program.

Containment, structure and levels of unparalleled accountability. All aspects to put in the “Pro Column” of residential treatment. For all peoples struggling with addiction, a majority enter a program with behaviors detrimental to their lives and health. As with most aspects of life, there is a spectrum of how “bad” those behaviors can be in comparison with others or their severity. I should state, before going any further in my post, that I am speaking on a population that does not have a history of significant trauma and/or severe co-occurring disorders. Now you can take that individual, who’s life may have been nothing but chaos and terribly developed behaviors that cause harm to others and self, and contain them in a residential setting with structure and accountability with the hope that those behaviors will be halted and, hopefully, changed.

It is not easy to change what may be years of behavior in the 30-60 days one spends in a  residential treatment program!

No matter how well someone may do in this contained environment, there is always the question of – “How will they do once they leave the safety of the program?” Fact of the matter is, most relapse occurs upon leaving the facility setting and returning to one’s home environment. The hope is that the individual takes the direction upon discharge to find an Intensive Outpatient program to continue with, a recovery fellowship to engage or just a private therapist to continue receiving therapeutic care from, but even that small amount of time between leaving the “nest” to engage with those aftercare ideas is a ticking time bomb everyone is hoping does not go off. Catalyst Recovery and this approach to treatment wants to sever the fuses, wires and throw the bomb away. For those that don’t need containment, lets not force them into it while at the same time push these individuals to implement similar structure and accountability into their active lifestyle from the start. Before drug and alcohol treatment became the multi-billion dollar industry that it is now, those with alcoholism and/or drug addiction were obtaining sobriety and recovery from engaging with 12-Step fellowships while still living an active lifestyle.

This approach is not suited for everyone, I do want to express that and be clear that a contained setting is just what the doctor ordered for some with addiction and/or mental health related issues. There are a lot of individuals who do not need that level of “lockdown care” and now they don’t have to in order to receive quality and immersive treatment. Our In-Home Treatment model pairs our participants with a quality Psychotherapist, Psychiatrist and an individual Recovery Agent (companion) to develop the most individualized treatment plan – from the participant’s home environment and lifestyle. There is no “going home” from treatment with Catalyst Recovery and with some time and continued exposure we aim to make known that there are other options for care out there.

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