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Eliminating the need to enter a residential facility to seek treatment – Catalyst Recovery brings treatment to your door. We strive to bring a comprehensive and clinically based service to our participants, all within their existing environment.

Catalyst Recovery checks all the boxes

Catalyst RecoveryResidential TreatmentSober Companion
From the Comfort of Your Own Home
Ability to Continue Day to Day Activities (Family, Career, etc.)
Psychiatric Care from a Licensed Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine
Psychotherapeutic Sessions with Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists
One-to-One Services from a Recovery Agent
Family & Couple’s Therapy
Comprehensive Case Management
Coordination of Care
Ease of Access Virtual Clinical Care
HIPAA Compliant Telemedicine Platforms
24/7 Care & Support
Medication Oversight
Breathalyzer Checks
Sober Transport
Life & Business Coaches
Fitness Trainers
Yoga Instructors
Breath Work Teachers
Progress Tracker App

The Catalyst Standard

As a leading provider of remote treatment services, Catalyst Recovery is proudly the first and only nationally recognized in-home treatment provider by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO). Being the first company to receive this highly esteemed achievement provides assurance and peace of mind in knowing that Catalyst Recovery delivers only the highest standard of care in assistance with alcohol and drug-related problems.

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Catalyst Recovery was interviewed by “This Is LA” to showcase LA built companies.

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CEO Richard Blair is featured as an inspiring entrepreneur in a local Dodgers fan showcase

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About Us

Catalyst Recovery is a team of individuals who are highly experienced in the field of mental health and substance abuse. We believe that recovery is possible in any setting. Created out of an enthusiasm for helping those struggling with substance-related issues, we have cultivated a rare ability to influence and motivate many types. Where other methods have failed, our approach is unique in that we employ strategies that achieve success.

The Catalyst modality brings the core elements of inpatient treatment to you. We want to meet you at your level, both personally and professionally to craft the most personalized treatment plan tailored specifically to your needs. We have decades of experience successfully inspiring others to improve their lives. This has become the main reason why Catalyst Recovery continues to be the most effective, confidential, and trusted name in the treatment community.

Benefit from Recovery Agents that work around your Family and Professional schedule

Confidentiality and Professional Conduct

Catalyst Recovery regards your confidentiality as a crucial condition to your success. Coming to terms with an alcohol and/or drug related issue is a very vulnerable experience and we are here to ensure that from our first point of contact to our last, we remain diligent in handling every detail with care.

Our policy on Disclosure of Protected Health Information is clear; we do not speak to anyone outside of your treatment team without your consent. Catalyst Recovery adheres to strict regulations on protecting your health-related information. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) protects any sensitive data procured or discussed while engaging with Catalyst Recovery. We train our Recovery Agents to practice and maintain complete discretion, abiding by a strict no social media presence and non-disclosure of role while in the presence of other individuals.

Family Resources

Alcohol and drug related problems rarely affect only the individual. Often times the entire family feels and experiences the resulting consequences of continued alcohol and/or drug abuse. As important as it is for you or your loved one to receive the treatment they deserve, it is equally as important that those affected receive their own care as well.

We are happy to provide information on local resources that may be available in your area to aide in providing support throughout your loved one’s journey of treatment. Catalyst Recovery can also provide clinical referrals to those in need in the event that a loved one may need some therapeutic care. Please do not hesitate to reach out in the event more serious guidance and support is needed.

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