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We at Catalyst Recovery have an enthusiasm for helping those afflicted with addiction. 
We offer an alternative to traditional alcohol and drug rehabilitation. With freedom from substance abuse being our primary objective, we have cultivated a rare ability to influence and motivate many types. 
We have decades of experience successfully inspiring others to love their lives. This has become the main reason why Catalyst Recovery continues to be the most effective, confidential, and trusted name in recovery.


Your confidentiality is of extreme importance to us. We ensure every Recovery Agent ( Sober Companion or Interventionist) maintains the highest standards in regards to your privacy. From the first point of contact to the last, we remain diligent in handling every detail with care.



Sometimes the one we love needs encouragement and support to make a decision that, quite possibly, could save their life. Whereas, it is blatantly apparent to everyone around them, the loved one is the last to know how much help is actually needed and also how destructive their behavior patterns really are. During this tragic and scary time, many of us don’t know where to begin. An Intervention is where desperation meets preparation. Besides the Intervention itself, we prepare everyone involved with a Pre-Intervention Workshop beforehand and Case Management afterward to answer any questions and alleviate any concerns that might arise along the path of recovery.


Occasionally during the course of treatment we need help getting from point A to point B. Maybe we’re traveling to a Treatment Center for the first time or to the next stage of our development and have concerns whether we can do it alone. Catalyst Recovery ensures a safe & sound arrival. Other times, while in a residential setting, there is a special engagement (wedding, birthday, holiday, etc.) back home or out of town. A Recovery Agent (sober companion) is a valuable resource that accompanies you throughout the duration of your trip and helps you stay on course.

Recovery Agent (Sober Companion)

Residential Treatment works. There is new information being presented and learned, supportive staff helping us acclimate to a structured environment, as well as new friends walking with us along this new path. Eventually, we reenter society and it is our responsibility to continue this new course on our own. Occasionally relapses occur onsite of a treatment facility, but primarily they transpire upon departure.

Why is that?

Typically, it’s because we aren’t fully prepared for all the pressures awaiting us back home. i.e. our families assume we’re “fixed”, friends want to pick up where we left off and “celebrate” our return, the workload is backed up, mail unopened, and sometimes the haunting feeling and unbearable loneliness of returning to the place where our wreckage was created is too much to handle alone.

A Recovery Agent (sober companion) is an excellent safeguard to a successful transition back home. We support you in making sure the new tools acquired in treatment are applied to everyday living. Metaphorically, if the goal is to ride your bike, Residential Treatment acts as the training wheels. Our Recovery Agents are the helping hands that hold the back of the seat until you are capable of riding alone.

There are also certain individuals that are unable to enter a treatment center due to current responsibilities. Business is too hectic to disappear for 30, 60, or 90 days. Or, in other instances, we are contractually obligated to remain on location or on tour. What if Catalyst Recovery was able to bring a program of recovery to you? That’s exactly what we do. A Recovery Agent (sober companion) will join you at your current location and accompany you for the duration of your individual recovery plan.

Ultimately, the question is: How does one maintain recovery while addressing the stresses of daily living and just how does one create accountability when no one else is around?

Answer: Catalyst Recovery assists you in developing a tailored recovery plan specifically suited for your life and in your current surroundings. A Recovery Agent (sober companion) lives with you 24/7, working with you to adopt a new course of action and helping you put that plan into practical application.

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